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FOX Programming QR codes on TV

FOX Programming QR codes on TV

Mobile barcodes are beginning to creep their way onto television. The most famous example at the moment is probably FOX CODES – QR Codes displayed by Fox Networks during programming to give smartphone owners a way to access further content. But some have reported that these codes can flash on the screen so fast you need to rewind and pause to get a good look at them.


Apple Doubles iPad Production

Apple recently doubled the number of iPad tablets it is building each month to roughly 2 million. Apple said earlier that it is now able to ship iPads within 24 hours of an order. The list of contenders entering the fray to challenge the iPad and grab a piece of the tablet market seems to be growing by the day. Samsung, LG, ZTE, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and Research In Motion to name a few, are reportedly working on a tablet.

Gucci Dresses Up iPad

Gucci iPhone 5 Case

Gucci is emphasizing iPad functionality, social media and video content with the relaunch of its digital flagship commerce site. The new Gucci homepage highlights the three main collections promoted by the designer at any given time. These collections are stacked as clickable icons along the left side of the page