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Best Food Delivery Apps That You Must Try in 2021

Let’s face it clearly, takeaway food, especially if delivered at home, is a great convenience. Every one can happen to want a particular food or simply feel hungry but have neither the time nor the desire to get in the kitchen. For a long time, in the past years, each of us ordered by calling their favourite restaurant, hoping that the line was free and that the poor caller would not mistake the order, the address and that the business respected the times for traffic or trouble finding parking.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Fortunately, all this is now a thing of the past, in fact, there are apps that, by entering our address, tell us exactly which places they deliver, what their menu is and allow us to order food online with a few clicks. Furthermore, some apps allow us to trace the entire path of our order in real-time, so we know if it has been prepared, if it is in the hands of the courier and at what point of delivery the latter is.

Best Apps to Order Food at Home

After this short preamble here is the list of the best solutions:

Just Eat

This is the app that has made a great deal of publicity in recent years. In fact, it’s a very popular app, in a surprising number of locations and not just in big cities. It will be difficult not to find restaurants, pizzerias, burgers, and ethnic food places (Japanese, Chinese, Thai) close to our location.

The app is very simple to use, just a few taps are enough to place your order, unfortunately, the attention to food intolerances is not the best today (you have to call the number of the restaurateur before placing your order), but at least over time have entered a category for gluten-free. From the signal is the convenient presence of feedback from other users, which allow us to choose the best solutions more easily.

The cost of deliveries and the minimum order varies from local to local. Some merchants place interesting discounts on the platform. Many pizzerias and clubs had their own delivery service before joining the app and therefore the delivery costs are free, on other occasions you have to pay the cost of the service.


It is another good option for those who want to receive food at home. It works in a similar way to Just Eat, you download the app, it seems, you enter your address and see which exercises deliver to us. Compared to the well-known competitor, it is active in fewer cities and focuses on higher-profile venues.


If you have a craving for that type of cuisine, for that single dish, from that well-known restaurant, then Deliveroo is probably the right solution for you. The app is very simple to use and has a whole fleet of delivery guys at your service. It only takes a few taps to choose what you want and have it delivered to you, unfortunately, you cannot send notes to the restaurant with the order.


It is the main competitor app of Just Eat and Deliveroo, but while the others are focused only on food, Glovo allows you to use couriers for many other things, for example, to get groceries or medicines. Also in this case the app is very simple, just install it, start it and choose the type of good you want to order. Once indicated, you will have to choose the activity and finally the products.

When you have finished your order, you will be able to confirm and we will be told the delivery time. Unfortunately, the number of shops present is less than Just Eat and compared to the two competitors it has no filters for special dietary regimes.

Uber Eats

From the famous Uber app for private cars, a solution to have delivered at home the favourite dishes that we own terms. The service is very simple, and in fact similar to that of the other apps we have already discussed. Uber Eats is only active in those cities where Uber is already active, as mainly the drivers will also act as couriers for our orders.

Each delivery on this service has a fixed cost of € 5, but there is no minimum order. If you are in one of the locations covered, just launch the app, sign up (or log in with your Uber account), and have access to the list of registered activities. Filters for special diets are also available.