What Is Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey?

TelltheBell survey is undertaken by Taco Bell to get feedback from its customers. As the name suggests, you are telling tellthebell survey about your experience with the restaurants or outlets.

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With their restaurants, reaching many parts of the world, they need to conduct these surveys so that they can maintain their image as one of the world’s largest food chains serving not less than 2 billion customers each year.

About Taco Bell

When the tummy seeks attention and craving for some Mexican food, what restaurant do you think of? I bet Taco Bell first comes to mind. Taco Bell is an American fast-food chain based in California.

The restaurant serves foods that include tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas plus novelty and specialty items. They also include value menu items. Since its commencement as a restaurant, it has expanded into a vast chain, serving more than 2 billion customers at 7000 plus restaurants.

As it serves many customers from different backgrounds, society, and country, Taco Bell is cautious about their services and products and always try to satisfy their customers.

Taco Bell Customer Survey Questions

The taco bell survey asks certain kinds of questions to the participants who take part in the survey procedure. The questions generally cover all types of aspects and provide the necessary information regarding the outlets and the food joints. This article may help you that is aware of the types of questions that may appear in the questionnaire. This reduces the efforts of the people who are going to take the survey.

taco bell

  • There are several multiple types of questions which they have to mark one and jump on the second question. You have to rate the outlet based on the experience you had at the taco bell restaurant.
  • The appearance of the food and its looks are appealing to the customers or not. Will people find the food attractive?
  • The friendliness and calmness of the staff towards the consumers. Are they are of helping nature towards the customers or not?
  • The hygiene of the restaurant. Is the restaurant clean enough and are they maintaining it well?
  • So, these types of questions they encounter with the people while taking the feedback about taco bell. Similar kinds of stuff you can see in the multiple-choice questions.

Taco Bell Customer’s Feedback

As per public opinion, taco bell is one of the most favorite brands of people to eat fast food in the United States of America (USA). The people in the country love the services and the food of taco bell very much. It is one of the giants of the country which is running high in terms of fast food. The service of feedback is great because it assures the people that they produce the best quality food.

The main aspect that why do people attract towards it is customer satisfaction. Yes!! The main motive of the company is customer satisfaction. The great quality fast food and the level of satisfaction which it provides are commendable.

How to Download Videos From Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the most important videos sharing platforms and inside you will find many videos. Sometimes you want to download some videos both to use them in your creations and to show them to friends even without a network or to watch it calmly when you are disconnected.

Download Videos From Vimeo

Downloading from Vimeo is possible directly from the site but is not allowed for all videos. Fortunately, it is very easy to take advantage of convenient free external services and programs to get around this limitation. In general, only copyright-free videos allow direct download from Vimeo, we invite you not to violate anyone’s rights.

Recall that, Vimeo is one of the main competitor’s platforms of YouTube, as we have already observed in the best alternatives to YouTube.

Download a Video Directly From Vimeo

If a video allows direct download, under the player you will find the “Download” button icon and, by clicking on it, a simple contextual menu will open. From the menu, we can choose in which quality we want to download the video and in which language we want to download the subtitles (if any). In short, everything is very simple and immediate.

Download videos from Vimeo via websites

There are many convenient portals that allow you to easily download from video sharing portals such as Vimeo.

Here are a couple of alternatives we have selected for you:


It is a simple and appreciated solution, in which there is not too much invasive advertising and which is always reliable for downloading videos from different sites and social networks.

The use is also very simple, to download a video from Vimeo just:

  • take the address of the video you want to download from Vimeo, you can copy it directly from the address bar at the top of your program, by right-clicking and clicking on “Copy”
    then go to the Downvids page
  • paste the address in the appropriate text field, you can do it by pressing the right button and then selecting “Paste”
  • at this point, through the appropriate drop-down menus, it is possible to choose the format in which you want to download the video while if you prefer to download only the audio just select an audio format such as Mp3, Ogg, or waw
  • then in the drop-down menu below choose the quality at which to download the video;
  • Click on the gray button “Download!”
  • after short processing, the “Download this video” button will appear, then tap on it with the right button and select “Save as”
  • finally, choose the folder where you want to download the video and click on the “Save” button.


This is a site absolutely similar to the previous one. We have also selected this for its ease of use and for the absence of invasive advertising. It should be noted that compared to other similar sites this allows you to download even a single piece of video simply by choosing the start and end time.

Vimeo Video Downloader for Windows PC

The usage procedure is absolutely similar to that of Downvids (these services all work the same way) and therefore repeating it would be redundant. You can reach the service conveniently on this page: ClipConverter.


If you want a stylish alternative, you can’t miss Yout, although the name has a marked affinity with that of a famous video sharing platform, it works great with all of them and therefore also with Vimeo.

The use is very simple and the portal is also translated into Italian. To download a video from Vimeo just:

  • go to the Yout site
  • then in the appropriate text field enter the address of the video and press the “Enter” key on the keyboard
    after a very short upload, we will be taken to a section where using the slider, we can choose when the clip to download should start and finish
  • you can also choose if you want to download the audio or just the video
  • finally, click on the button “Format switches to Mp4” (yes, the translation is not exactly happy).

Download from Vimeo via browser addons

Addons are small programs that add practical functions to our browsers. Add-ons (otherwise called extensions) were born on Firefox to then arrive on Chrome and other programs to browse.

There are handy addons that allow you to download videos from almost any website (except the well-known Google video portal and protected sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) and therefore also from Vimeo.

Most of these solutions are similar: they act as grabbers, locate the video being played and allow you to download it. They work on every platform on which browsers are installed.

QuickPayPortal – Pay Medical Bill Online

Are you looking to pay your medical bills using QuickPay Code? then, you must log in at Athena Quick Pay Portal. The quickpayportal service is available to use by AthenaHealth customers. Here we have written about the payment of Medical bills received from AthenaHealth Inc. The patients after receiving the Medical Bill can use Quickpay Code, Statement ID or Access Code to Sing in at quickpayportal.com. Read more important information to Pya the Medical Bill online.

Quickpayportal designing

Using this, one can easily pay their Health bill dues online without visiting the Hospital from their own place. The only thing you will be needed is the quickpay code. It is a 15 digit code usually found on the Patient billing statement provided by the Hospital.

Register to QuickPayPortal

QuickPayPortal gives its users a simple way to register and to gain access to it. Follow these simple steps to create an account.

  • First-time users just need to visit www.quickpayportal.com
  • Enter the 15-digit statement ID or QuickPay Code, then click on Sign Up.
  • A new page will load, asking for the user’s details such as name, mobile number, Social Security Number (SSN), email address, among others. Fill out all the details and click Submit.
  • Make sure to provide a valid email address as a verification email will be sent to it afterwards. Once the email is sent, users would need to click on the QuickPay Portal verification link.
  • Next, users will then choose a password. Make sure the password is strong like combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Click on the submit button to process the application.
  • When registration is successful, users will then be redirected to the dashboard to confirm the account is active. You can click on quickpayportal sign in to learn more about registering and paying bills.

How to pay Medical bills using Quickpayportal

Well, paying Health bills using Quickpay Portal is very easy. You can pay your bills using your personal computer with a working internet connection. The one important requirement is you need to have the Quickpay Code, Statement ID or the Access code which allows you to Sign In to the portal. We can get the Quickpay code from the Patient Statement or else from the health care provider. Quickpay code or Statment ID helps in providing your accurate details of Bill dues, Medication, Test results etc.

quickpay portal

  • Visit the official website of quickpayportal which is www.quickpayportal.com
  • You can find a box for entering the Quickpay Code
  • Enter your 15 digit Quickpay Code in the box and click on the blue-coloured Sign Inbox
  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you can have all the details like Patient info, due bills etc.
  • You can cross-check your due bills and proceed with billing.
  • A note is placed on the site, that this payment portal page should only be used by the patient or someone authorized by the patient like a guarantor.
  • Once you click on the Sign In button, you agree that you are authorized to look into patient billing matters.

Please note that the information provided here is for knowledge purpose only and we are not at all associated with quickpayportal in any way. Please refer to the official website www.quickpayportal.com for more information.

Best Food Delivery Apps That You Must Try in 2021

Let’s face it clearly, takeaway food, especially if delivered at home, is a great convenience. Every one can happen to want a particular food or simply feel hungry but have neither the time nor the desire to get in the kitchen. For a long time, in the past years, each of us ordered by calling their favourite restaurant, hoping that the line was free and that the poor caller would not mistake the order, the address and that the business respected the times for traffic or trouble finding parking.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Fortunately, all this is now a thing of the past, in fact, there are apps that, by entering our address, tell us exactly which places they deliver, what their menu is and allow us to order food online with a few clicks. Furthermore, some apps allow us to trace the entire path of our order in real-time, so we know if it has been prepared, if it is in the hands of the courier and at what point of delivery the latter is.

Best Apps to Order Food at Home

After this short preamble here is the list of the best solutions:

Just Eat

This is the app that has made a great deal of publicity in recent years. In fact, it’s a very popular app, in a surprising number of locations and not just in big cities. It will be difficult not to find restaurants, pizzerias, burgers, and ethnic food places (Japanese, Chinese, Thai) close to our location.

The app is very simple to use, just a few taps are enough to place your order, unfortunately, the attention to food intolerances is not the best today (you have to call the number of the restaurateur before placing your order), but at least over time have entered a category for gluten-free. From the signal is the convenient presence of feedback from other users, which allow us to choose the best solutions more easily.

The cost of deliveries and the minimum order varies from local to local. Some merchants place interesting discounts on the platform. Many pizzerias and clubs had their own delivery service before joining the app and therefore the delivery costs are free, on other occasions you have to pay the cost of the service.


It is another good option for those who want to receive food at home. It works in a similar way to Just Eat, you download the app, it seems, you enter your address and see which exercises deliver to us. Compared to the well-known competitor, it is active in fewer cities and focuses on higher-profile venues.


If you have a craving for that type of cuisine, for that single dish, from that well-known restaurant, then Deliveroo is probably the right solution for you. The app is very simple to use and has a whole fleet of delivery guys at your service. It only takes a few taps to choose what you want and have it delivered to you, unfortunately, you cannot send notes to the restaurant with the order.


It is the main competitor app of Just Eat and Deliveroo, but while the others are focused only on food, Glovo allows you to use couriers for many other things, for example, to get groceries or medicines. Also in this case the app is very simple, just install it, start it and choose the type of good you want to order. Once indicated, you will have to choose the activity and finally the products.

When you have finished your order, you will be able to confirm and we will be told the delivery time. Unfortunately, the number of shops present is less than Just Eat and compared to the two competitors it has no filters for special dietary regimes.

Uber Eats

From the famous Uber app for private cars, a solution to have delivered at home the favourite dishes that we own terms. The service is very simple, and in fact similar to that of the other apps we have already discussed. Uber Eats is only active in those cities where Uber is already active, as mainly the drivers will also act as couriers for our orders.

Each delivery on this service has a fixed cost of € 5, but there is no minimum order. If you are in one of the locations covered, just launch the app, sign up (or log in with your Uber account), and have access to the list of registered activities. Filters for special diets are also available.

Peryourhealth Online Bill Payment Guide

Peryourhealth is a web health billing web portal, where you’ll pay your most of your hospital and doctor’s bill online at their official website. during this eranobody requires to waste such a lot of time. So everyone favours paying their bills online with a web platform like Peryourhealth. With these Online billings platforms, you’ll save some time and money also.

per your health

Here, during this post we’ve provided all the knowledge about this portal and the way are you able to use its service. Just keep scrolling and skim this post calmly. After being register thereonyou’ll pay bills, check statements,s and request for fund transfer alsoaside from all this, you’ll check your statement history, notifications of billing, and due balance.

Online Bill Payment at Peryourhealth Portal

Before proceeding, you want to have some basic items to try to to the payment. you ought to have an email ID, valid bill statement by hospital/medical providers who accept payment via your health. Now let’s follow the steps

  • Now open the web site using the link peryourhealth.com.
  • Log in using your ID and password. So, you would like to register to the portal to form the payment.
  • Once you’re logged in. Enter your account number from the bill to urge more information and ensure the patient.
  • Once that’s confirmed, click on the payment tab. Choose your bill and enter your required amount to be paid. Before proceeding, check everything twice to make certain .
  • Then, the portal will ask your required payment option – Credit or open-end credit .
  • Now, it’s the standard payment method.
  • Once it’s completed, you’ll receive a confirmation mail on your registered email ID.
  • In case the location isn’t accessible, you’ll undergo our troubleshooting guide per your health portal

How to Pay the Bill via Mobile?

peryourhealth login

  • The bill payment is often done via phone also. For paying your doctor’s bill via phone, firstly confirm that your medical provider accepts payment by peryourhealth.com. If yes, then you’ll proceed, follow the steps below to form payment
  • There is a telephone bill payment service by peryourhealth, you would like to call them. out in 888-442-8447.
  • They will invite the account number of the medical statement, enter the account number via phone keypad.
  • Once the payment has proceeded with the account number, now choose the payment option by which you’ll pay.
  • Then again provide payment details like net banking, credit/debit cards.
  • Once the payment is going to be done, you’ll receive the SMS of the successful transaction.

Benefits of PerYourHealth

  • Quick, convenient and straightforward online payments
  • Access the member portal of a web association and a laptop or good device
  • Make payments over the phone by job 888-442-8447
  • Set up revenant payments
  • When working into your account, it is necessary that the key’s shown in your current bill. this means it is necessary that it’s written altogether CAPS to match your asking statement.

Visa Promotes NFL Financial Football Apps

Visa Promotes NFL Financial Football Apps

Visa Inc. and the NFL kicked off Super Bowl XLV week at an event to promote the Financial Football mobile game. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, together, the partners showcased an effort to improve the money management skills of Texas teenagers by playing a game of Financial Football, an interactive money management video game with an NFL theme. The free game is available online, is called “Practical Money Skills” and is being released as a free application for Apple’s iPhone, along with an optimized HD iPad version.

Financial Football Apps

Verizon iPhone 4: Reservations On 2/9 for Sale On 2/10

Current Verizon subscribers can place pre-orders starting at 3 AM on the Verizon Wireless website. Everyone else will need to wait until February 9th to put their name on an iPhone with the official sale kicking off the next morning. Over 2000 Verizon Wireless stores are set to open at 7 AM on the 10th and will no doubt face the customary iPhone lines. Chances are at least a few big-city locations will even feature VZW-branded burn barrels in case former AT&T subs want to properly dispose of their past.

Mobile Spend To Increase 59%

Global mobile ad spend

The majority of marketers will engage their target audiences using various mobile channels and platforms in 2011, according to a study by the Association of National Advertisers and the Mobile Marketing Association. According to Mobile Marketer, the study found that a whopping 88 per cent of brand marketers will use mobile marketing techniques in 2011. Seventy-five per cent plan to increase their spend on mobile marketing initiatives by an average of 59 per cent. In 2010, 62 per cent of marketers used some form of mobile marketing for their brands:

FOX Programming QR codes on TV

FOX Programming QR codes on TV

Mobile barcodes are beginning to creep their way onto television. The most famous example at the moment is probably FOX CODES – QR Codes displayed by Fox Networks during programming to give smartphone owners a way to access further content. But some have reported that these codes can flash on the screen so fast you need to rewind and pause to get a good look at them.


Apple Doubles iPad Production

Apple recently doubled the number of iPad tablets it is building each month to roughly 2 million. Apple said earlier that it is now able to ship iPads within 24 hours of an order. The list of contenders entering the fray to challenge the iPad and grab a piece of the tablet market seems to be growing by the day. Samsung, LG, ZTE, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and Research In Motion to name a few, are reportedly working on a tablet.

Gucci Dresses Up iPad

Gucci iPhone 5 Case

Gucci is emphasizing iPad functionality, social media and video content with the relaunch of its digital flagship commerce site. The new Gucci homepage highlights the three main collections promoted by the designer at any given time. These collections are stacked as clickable icons along the left side of the page

ESPN Says Mobile Is Not Cannibalistic

ESPN Says Mobile Is Not Cannibalistic

“About half of people who use our mobile products don’t use our PC products—the mobile device could be their only Internet connection or their primary Internet-connected device,” said John Zehr, senior vice president and general manager of ESPN Mobile, Bristol, CT. “Mobile is not cannibalistic—it’s an amplifier.” ESPN expects huge surges of mobile traffic during this holiday season, which coincides with NCAA football and the NFL season.

ESPN a Mobile Juggernaut

Pamela Anderson New Nokia Spokesbabe

About to launch the N8, inside its new phone is a camera which the company expects will be a big selling point. In order to draw attention to it in a big way, Nokia has hired Pamela Anderson and Ed Westwick (of Gossip Girl fame) to star in a short movie shot entirely with the Nokia N8’s camera. Although the details about the script are scarce, one fan will partake in a bedroom scene with Pamela, while another will be in an elevator with Ed Westwick.

Emergency Number 911 Disconnected in Oakland

UFC's new music app

You would think that calling 911 from your mobile phone would get you help if an emergency should arise, but Oakland, California, residents who call 911 from their mobile phone are automatically routed to the California Highway Patrol. That’s great if you’re reporting a car accident on the Bay Bridge. But it might not be as efficient if your house is on fire! Hey App developers: Help Oakland residents by creating a location-based 911 app).